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Transformation: My Story

  • September 25, 2016
  • By dteix
Transformation: My Story

You may look at the photo on the left and think, “I’d be happy with the before picture. Why does she think she needs to change anything?” The truth is, the trainer in that picture was stuck.

I’ve been in the business of helping people feel better through exercise and nutrition education for 18 years, sometimes the job also includes pep talks, being a good listener, and a shoulder for clients going through a stressful time in their lives. Wearing many hats is my favorite part of my career, no two days are ever the same. To be honest, this job has saved me a few times too. In nearly two decades, there were bound to be a few challenges and bumps in life for myself too, and knowing I had to show up each day with a smile and energy to motivate a class of fitness enthusiast helped me forget about everything for a bit.

However, after some time things started to catch up to me, workouts decreased, enjoying a glass of wine 2 nights a week turned into every night, I would come home and take a nap instead of going for a run, I cooked at home less and less, and I stayed up late watching way too much Netflix. I was feeling sluggish, my body became soft and out of shape, and I developed chronic headaches…it lasted 2 years.

Those who know me may say, “No way! You’re always working out and happy.” Yes, I am blessed with always being positive and looking for the lesson or opportunity in every experience…but inside, I wasn’t feeling like myself. I knew changes needed to be made, BIG CHANGES.

I started with my career. There were aspects of it that didn’t bring me joy anymore, so I shut some doors to allow others to open. Change can be a scary thing. What happens if it’s a mistake? Will anything else worthwhile pop up? Yes, they do and it did.

Eight years ago, in 2008, I created Kamp Fitness to launch myself as an independent fitness company that offered butt kicking boot camps, personal training, nutrition counseling, detox programs, wellness coaching and supplements, my self-built weight loss program- The Shape Up Challenge, group workouts, and a web site. My reputation as a tough trainer was well known and I embodied every aspect of that.

However, in the summer of 2015 I had a shift. I had just gotten married, settled some other personal business since becoming a single mom in 2007, and began embracing my 40’s. I was ready for a new attitude and with that…a new brand recognition, and Keep Your Glow was born.

I was then focused on women that wanted to feel on the outside the way they do on the inside, because what you don’t realize in your late 30’s and beyond is that you still feel like you’re in your 20’s, so shouldn’t we be able to look that way?? I was dedicated to the pursuit of answers to this question, and to pass it along to my “sisters”. I worked hard at building a new web site that would house everything I had offered before and more; home workout videos, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, detox programs, cooking videos, daily thoughts and education, fitness events, inspiring transformations, so on and so forth. To be honest, by the time I launched January 2, 2016…I was exhausted. How can I keep up this pace?

So after all that work….I stopped. I gave myself permission to step back and look at it with new eyes, and I counted on that optimistic attitude that had helped me in the past, and so it did…

Enter my cousin, Patrick. Through the miracle of social media, we now have the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones we wouldn’t otherwise know how they’re doing. I saw he was in the health and fitness industry and he had reached out to me a few times over the years to tell me about the coaching opportunity with Beachbody. I knew of the company because I had bought the P90X DVDs in 2008 to find out what was all the hype around these informercials and the mind-blowing transformations they advertised on those late night ads. I also knew who Chalene Johnson was because I followed her on social media for her amazing insight into business development. When Patrick told me that the coach business opportunity for Beachbody is set up as an MLM, it didn’t scare me since I had been a distributor for an MLM company offering wellness product for 9 years. Each time he asked to give me more info I declined because as a trainer I didn’t want to promote someone else’s workouts and nutrition programs, so I’d say, “Thanks but I’ll pass”. However, in March of 2016….I called him.

You’re never 100% sure of what you’re getting yourself into when you take a leap of change. So I went on my trust in Patrick, the knowledge that nothing needs to be permanent, and the will to open a new door. I gathered a few of my loyal and trusted clients and friends, and we started a test group of Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix program. We purchased the challenge pack, created a Facebook Challenge group, and prepared our lives for something new and unsure. All I can say is, thank God for these people! Their belief in me helped us to form a team that supported and encouraged each other through 21 days of meal prep, grocery shopping, daily home workouts, recipe hunting, Shakeology superfood drinks, weight loss and weight gain, sweaty selfies, family participation, discouragement, and celebrations. It was an amazing 3 weeks of change for each of us AND our bodies! In such a short time, our bodies melted and strengthened when we thought our bodies didn’t have that ability anymore. What was different? This program….

As you can see in my transformation photo, I had great success in my numbers. What you don’t see is the transformation inside. I had focused on me for 21 days straight and with that brought a new found confidence as a 40-something year old mom, wife, and business woman. I discovered I love working out at home and prefer being in the workout with friends rather than leading it. My husband started joining me for workouts which tackled another aspect that needed change in my life…connection time with my spouse. Quickly parts of my life that had been stuck or felt unfulfilling had either dissolved or evolved…and the glow you see in the “after” photo is real. I felt it on the inside and outside.

…AND the most amazing part for my business aspirations is that everything I was trying to accomplish by launching Keep Your Glow is provided with Beachbody. I no longer needed to “reinvent the wheel” by spending countless hours creating content for my followers. As a coach, I could provide all of that through Beachbody’s programs and blogs…and save those hours for more important things…ME!!

I have my GLOW back! It took 21 days to jump start and it will continue because I have the tools and community to keep the fire burning bright. Change is a wonderful thing.

How's your glow? Do you need a transformation for your inside AND 
outside? Join me and let's do it together. Email me today :)



By dteix, September 25, 2016
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  • Justine
    September 27, 2016

    I love your story De, very inspiring. wishing you all the happiness and success in the world. You deserve it all:) Coming from someone that has known you for 25+ years. You have always been an amazing, strong awe inspiring person, mother, wife, friend and successful business woman. I knew you had it in you as a teenager. I knew we all did, in our own way on our own time. Its amazing what happens as women we when we find our inner Glow!
    Much love and Aloha,

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