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Spring Into Health

  • March 22, 2018
  • By dteix
Spring Into Health


Spring cleaning time is here! Why does clearing out the clutter and things that no longer “serve me” or “bring joy” feel so good? Some say it clears space for good energy to flow more freely, others say the act of cleaning up is empowering and triggers endorphins…I would agree with both of those claims, in addition to the fact that I’d consider myself a minimalist (you won’t find bookcases filled with historic titles or an intricate decor in my home…and knick-knacks drive me crazy). This goes for my body too. Multiple times a year I  “clean house”, which can open the curtains on fresh fitness aspirations and peel back the effects of long-term poor nutrition choices. However you look at it though, the change from winter to spring tends to make us all dust off our health goals that have been hibernating for 3 months. Try these suggestions to jumpstart the change of seasons…

Here are 5 tips to spring into a healthier you
  1. Go Organic & Non-GMO: No other change will do more good than getting the chemicals out of your foods and beauty products. By reducing the toxins that enter your body your renal system (liver and kidneys) can experience less stress and work efficiently to clean your blood of those harmful intruders. Try these skin products
  2. Water, Water, Water: There is no better detox than good hydration. You can support your body’s natural filtration with clean, purified, and preferably alkaline water. Try this water pitcher
  3. Move Daily: It can be tough to get back to a rigorous fitness routine when you’ve taken most of the winter months off. The best way to get back to it is gradually. Start by focusing on getting 10,000 steps a day and add in some strength training moves 3 times each week. As your body begins to feel the benefits of the endorphins and blood flow you’ll be more motivated to build on to the program. Try this for your steps…
  4. Stretch In The Morning: Before you change out of your p.j.’s take a few minutes to stretch. Joint pain is one of the top reasons people avoid exercise but a regular stretchig program can loosen muscles and joints to alleviate pain and get you back to working out…not to mention, it helps to wake you gradually and ease you into the day. Try these stretches…
  5. More Veggies: Who here can say they eat enough plants every day? Not many of us. Vegetables are an essential food group to get in an adequate amount of vitamins and mineral your body needs to function at its best, especially after the winter months when we don’t see a lot of the sun and vegetables are not picked at their height of ripening. Load up on lots of colorful veggies like bell peppers, beets, sprouts, leafy greens, avocado and more. Try this recipe…


By dteix, March 22, 2018
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