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Rumble Roller Gator – 22″


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  • THE ONLY FOAM ROLLER OPTIMIZED FOR CROSS FRICTIONAL MASSAGE – Roll normally to apply high compressive forces to your muscles OR shift your body against the Gator to create shear forces that help pull stuck tissue apart. No other roller works as well for this advanced massage technique. Why cross frictional massage? Because it can provide relief in some cases where traditional deep-tissue massage fails.
  • SPECIALLY FORMED TEETH GRIP YOUR SKIN – The secret to Gator’s unique ability is its patent pending teeth-like bumps. The bumps are very resilient, but have high lateral stiffness and generous skin-holding spaces between them. This allows them to provide high shear forces during shifting and grinding movements. There’s no other foam rolling experience like it
  • SMALL DIAMETER INTENSIFIES COMPRESSION – Gator’s diameter is about 25% smaller than conventional foam rollers. This intensifies compressive massage for more complete pain relief and faster muscle recovery. You’ll feel the difference immediately!
  • APPROPRIATE FOR BOTH BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED ATHLETES – Despite its advanced features, Gator is more beginner-friendly than other RumbleRoller models. Because the bumps don’t penetrate as deeply, there’s less resulting pain. Make no mistake, this is a very advanced foam roller, but it’s one that even beginners can use effectively!
  • CHOOSE THE TOP MUSCLE FOAM ROLLER! RumbleRollers are used by millions of athletes and trainers worldwide who have come to count on their reliable performance and unwavering quality. The RumbleRoller Gator foam muscle roller is built from durable materials designed to outlast any other foam roller, and is backed by a three-year warranty. Get a Gator now, and start feeling better today!


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