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Nutrigenomics: Why Your Future Health Depends On It

  • October 13, 2017
  • By dteix
Nutrigenomics: Why Your Future Health Depends On It

Ever wonder why the weight loss program that helped your friend lose 10 pounds didn’t have the same effect on you? Do you think you are gluten sensitive or lactose intolerant but can’t bear to spend weeks and weeks removing and reintroducing foods? Are you frustrated when your vitamin and mineral blood test results come back on the low range even though you take supplements?

We all know that we are made up of our very own DNA that determines our hair color and height, but did you realize that it specifies how we react to nutrition too? Genetic differences can affect how we respond to the foods we eat and determine our individual nutritional needs.

“Nutrigenomics uses genomic tools and genetic information to address issues important to nutrition and health. The main goal of nutrigenomics is to prevent chronic disease by examining how the interaction between genes and diet can positively influence human health”, says Nutrigenomix, the leading provider of the nutrigenomics testing, adds “Genetic variation results in multiple versions of genes, which can lead to differences in the amount of proteins produced and how efficiently proteins function.”

The test is given by a qualified health practitioner and uses a saliva sample that is properly stored and sent the a Nutrigenomix lab. After 2-4 week you and the health practitioner review the results of the 45-genotype test together and create a nutritional plan.

Below are a few of the things you could find:

  • Slow caffeine metabolizer– you don’t process/utilize/digest caffeine as quickly as a “typical” variant and you need to limit daily consumption to avoid high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions
  • Elevated risk for vitamin B12 deficiency- you need to be aware of sources of B12 and consume the RDA daily
  • Elevated risk for a slow RMR (resting metabolic rate)- you may need to spend more time on the treadmill to get the same results as someone with the “typical” variant
  • “Medium” gluten sensitivity- removing gluten from your diet could alleviate stomach bloating, diarrhea, and other GI issues
  • Enhanced response to strength and power exercise- you’ll have better success at sports like sprinting, weight lifting and football, than long distance running and swimming
  • Elevated risk for Calcium deficiency-  you need to consume extra sources of calcium and possibly incorporate daily supplementation to avoid the onset of osteoporosis later in life

Access to this level of testing hasn’t been possible until recently. Nutrigenomics gives a “blue print” to individual nutritional needs allowing us to eat according a specific meal plan that enhances our health, longevity and quality of life.

Prior to this we were just guessing…and now we know exactly what each of our bodies require. How great is that!

If you’re interesting in more information or taking the test please contact DeAnn.


By dteix, October 13, 2017
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