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Keep Your Glow’s FREE 30-Day Challenge

  • January 2, 2016
  • By dteix
Keep Your Glow’s FREE 30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge Begins Here

Click here to download the Challenge pdf

Are you ready to get a jump start on weight loss? Did you abandon your healthy habits for too long and need guidance getting back on track? Do you need a workout program that won’t beat you to a pulp? You came to the right place. The Keep Your Glow 30-Day Challenge is based on healthy lifestyle habits of clean eating that will help you to detox naturally. It also has quick home workouts that can be modified to your fitness level. Start the challenge at any time and follow the calendar included, download the pdf. The links are programmed to lead you to the workout or post focus of the day. You may need to return to this page to view updated calendar additions. Stick with the program as closely as you can to achieve the results you deserve.  Good luck and Keep Your Glow!


By dteix, January 2, 2016
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