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Has Your Body Stopped Seeing Results?…You Need A Health Hack

  • January 2, 2018
  • By dteix
Has Your Body Stopped Seeing Results?…You Need A Health Hack

Feeling like you need a reset? Are your workouts and eating habits not giving you the results they used to? Have you struggled with knowing what’s right for your body? The Keep Your Glow 9-week Health Hack is a step-by-step 3 phase program focused on giving you tools that help you form a new foundation of health, fitness, wellness, and habits that support your goals of improved energy, weight loss, and a stronger body so you can become the best version of you. Stop diets and quick fixes.…hack your health.


Step 1: Information & Commitment

Phase I (Weeks 1-3): CLEAN

Reset Your Nutrition & Your Body

This 3-week phase utilizes the Beachbody Ultimate Reset eating plan. It’s an amazing program that gradually removes toxic foods and addictive ingredients, in addition to focusing on eating clean and feeding your body a ton of dense nutrition to improve its state of health and identify foods that are not well tolerated in your system.

At the same time…

You’ll build overall strength, flexibility, and balance from the-ground-up with the Beachbody 3-Week Yoga Retreat that guides you through daily 30-minute routines where you’ll be challenged in your core, arms, legs and mindset. Everyone can benefit from this program, no matter your level of ability. Cardio workouts are optional in weeks 1 & 2, but not suggested in week 3.

Phase II (Weeks 4-6): BUILD

New Level of Strength & Healthy Habits

It’s time to kick-it-up-a-notch now that your energy has improved and you’ve got a clean, limber body to work with. During these 3 weeks you’ll follow one of these Beachbody workout programs (21 Day Fix, PIYO, Focus T25, Core De Force, Turbo Fire, P90X….view video demos). Each of these programs will teach you new ways to move and train your body and there’s a workout style for everyone’s preference.

At the same time…

You’ll follow suggested meal plans to teach you portion sizes, servings needed of each food group (you probably need more veggies than you realize), and yummy recipes to meal prep for your busy week. This is a chance to learn which foods support your detox’ed body and your workouts…and yes, there is wine.

Phase III (Weeks 7-9): EXCEED

Go Beyond Expectations & Live Optimally

Think you know what you’re capable of? Not a chance. Let’s crush those limits by using your newly built strength and energy level. You’ll follow one of these advanced programs by Beachbody (Shift Shop, Insanity: Max 30, P90X3, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Body Beast…view video demos) to find how your body can be carved, chiseled, shaped and molded into a whole new creation.

At the same time…

You’ll follow suggested meal plans and recipes to fuel your workouts. Plus you’ll finish off this 3-week phase with a 3-day final “lean up” eating plan to get ready for your big reveal (don’t worry…we won’t ask for bathing suit shots if you’re shy…a smiling selfie will due!!)

Ready to get started?…Purchase the products below & you’re all set.

*Confirm at point of sale that DeAnn Teixeira is listed as your coach

  • Once you complete your purchases you will be invited to the My Challenge Tracker app group, more info below.


Step 2: Preparation

1.Write down your goals- Dedicate a notebook to your health hack. Start by writing today’s date and list 3-6 goals you are striving for, be sure these are goals that center on fitness, nutrition, wellness, self-care, health, and leave some space below each.

Here’s are example:

I want more energy during the day to run around the playground with my kids rather than sitting on the bench and watching from afar. 
I want to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin so that I don’t turndown social events because I’m worried about how I look in my clothes. 
I want to have more self-control around “unhealthy foods” like cookies, chips and cheese so that I don’t keep gaining and loosing the same 5 pounds.

2. Accept the email invitation to download the My Challenge Tracker app and join the Health Hack. This is where you will receive information, meal plans, recipes, motivation and group support during the 9-week program. Don’t forget to follow Keep Your Glow on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

3. Weigh-in, take your measurements and snap your “before” photo, then enter each into the My Challenge Tracker app.

4. Once you’ve ordered your products, read through the Ultimate Reset booklets and watch Quick Start video to know how to be ready for Day 1, and watch a sample video of the 3-Week Yoga Retreat to get an idea of what’s to come. The more you know beforehand…the better you’ll do.


Step 3: Get Started

Prior to Day 1 of 63….Go shopping!! The meal prep grocery list will be posted in the My Challenge Tracker app and you can prepare and pack all of your meals and supplements for your week. Be sure to have a lot of distilled water jugs for the week ahead. You’ll like the Ultimate Reset Portal for information on the 3 phases of this 21-day cleanse.

Day 1…it’s best to get your workouts in first thing in the morning, so set your alarm clock earlier than normal. Yoga in the morning is a great way to begin the day. Write an entry in your journal on how you feel about what’s to come. Pack up your cooler with everything you need for the day…and get started.


Step 4: Throughout the Health Hack

  • Check-in daily to the My Challenge Tracker app, post your #sweatyselfies, and tell us about your challenges AND successes. Doing it as a team makes all the difference.
  • Write in your journal regularly to keep track of your goals and weekly action plans. It takes focus to make change happen, so take this time to focus on what you need and want from this program.
  • Prepare your meals and snacks ahead of time and follow the fitness program daily for that phase of your Health Hack.
  • Be excited!! There are so many changes coming your way and the outcome of this program will amaze you. You’ll feel reset physically, mentally, and emotionally….in addition to being so proud of what you accomplished in 63 days!!

You’ve got this gang! I’ll be here every step of the way!

Your coach,

DeAnn Teixeira

By dteix, January 2, 2018
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