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3 Ways To Think Differently About Your Fitness Goals

  • September 16, 2017
  • By dteix
3 Ways To Think Differently About Your Fitness Goals

Now that I have your attention we can finally discuss the key to the dilemma of not reaching your goals. I’m not talking about dreams and wish lists…I’m talking about the desire to attain a different way of life…to live a happier, healthier, leaner, “proud of yourself” type of life. Sure you’ve written a list of what things you’d change and you’ve even started to check boxes on that list but how many of those changes have stuck? How many of these lists have you written? What will it finally take? Here’s the secret sauce…consistency! It’s the only road that leads to permanent change.

Has the repeated starting and stopping of your fitness and wellness efforts become the constant? Remember when you eagerly dove into a 3-week fitness challenge that immediately changed your workout routine from a sedentary 0 days to 7 times a week, at the same time you cut out every morsel of sugar and replacing it with Maca Powder and nothing happened on the scale? Bodies go through so many changes in a short time, most are for the better. However, as the body seeks acclimation and adjusts toward a “new normal” we may see a lag in results and not experience the weight loss and shrinking waistline we had hoped…hence frustration sets in and thoughts pop in like, “All of the work isn’t working so why not go back to what was easier”. Right?! Wrong!! To be consistent you need a different mindset and reasons to stick with it.

Here are 3 new ways to look at change…

First off, think of the upside. When you switch from sugar to a superfood it’s a total positive. You have now removed an empty calorie source that causes spikes and crashes of your energy to a nutrient that delivers a ton of dense nutrition and antioxidants to all of the cells of your body, giving you optimal fuel to run, burn calories, reproduce healthy cells, make your skin and hair shine, and SO much more. That’s all well worthwhile to stick with!

Second, you’re moving your body! So maybe you’ve simply changed your workout routine and wondering if it was worth stepping out of your comfort zone. Yes! Learning a new form of exercise and movement is good for your body, you use different muscles, challenge your balance and coordination differently, and your brain has to learn to wrap itself around all of this. Isn’t that amazing! You should always be challenging your mind, just like any muscle in your body. Plan to change something about your routine every 6 weeks to avoid acclimation of your nervous system, but during the six weeks stick with the routine so your body can reap the rewards…that’s where the consistency comes in.

Lastly, be patient! Change is much harder than staying the same. Can I get an AMEN! I know I didn’t need to tell you this, heck it’s why I’m writing this article. Our body and mind simply go back to a “set point” when we lay off the throttle. Once you stop putting the effort into solidifying a change before it’s a habit you slip back into old ways because frankly glazed donuts do taste better than kale and watching 3 hours of Netflix is more comfortable than running 3 miles of hills. Setting those goals and acting on them takes good old fashion willpower and mindset to get you to the point that it becomes a normal reaction, like mindlessly reaching for a veggie stick before a cookie, and craving the endorphin fix that a tough workout will give you that Orange Is The New Black can’t. Studies show it takes 21 days of repeating an action until your mind rewires and makes it automatic, so until then wash, rinse, repeat.

You may be gun-shy when it comes to taking on new goals, like a fitness challenge, but with this new perspective of the interim of implementing change to until it becomes a habit you can rest assured that you’ll see consistently white see the upside of sticking with it. Here’s another post on how to set goals you may find helpful. Good luck!

By dteix, September 16, 2017
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