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Welcome ladies,

When was the last time you were filling out a form and you got to the section that asked you to check a box for your age group…and you hesitated?

“How is that possible?”, you say, “I’m not in that group!”.

When I meet up with girlfriends, this is a constant topic of conversation. We swear we are still 25 years-old! I mean, we aren’t old, 30 is the new 20 and 40 is the new 30 right?! Okay, so we have spent a lot of time and money battling those fine lines and “freckles” with lotions and potions. And sure, we repeatedly realize that skipping a meal no longer helps us lose those annoying 2 pounds we gained over the weekend. We are very aware that we may not look exactly the way we did 5…10…20 years ago, but it’s fine because all the fun we’ve had and life we’ve lived since then is priceless. In fact, we never want to be that age again. We love our age now. We love who we’ve become. Except…yea, we did love that radiant body. Our skin was flawless, our hair was shiny, and our stomach wasn’t referred to as a pastry.

That’s what we want back!

Don’t we still feel that radiance on the inside? It feels warm, sometimes HOT, with determination, appreciation, and self confidence. It’s an outcome of all of the experiences we’ve accumulated. All of the lessons we’ve learned. It’s the ladies we’ve become, and the girls we will always be. We’d bet money that if we cut a hole down the center of our chest, a bright, glittery light would come beaming out. We know what this is.

It’s our GLOW!

Listen up girlfriends…we CAN again glow on the outside as we do on our inside. With some fitness tips, lifestyle tricks, and a dose of old fashioned determination we will be checking that age box without a fraction of hesitation. Let’s meet up here and you’ll learn how to Keep Your Glow.

About Me
As a mom, nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and wellness coach, it has been my passion for 20 years to educate others to live a life of clean eating, energizing fitness routines and lifelong habits for an overall feeling of wellness. Follow me in my pursuit to change the definition of the “over forty girl”.
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