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It’s Time To Redefine The 40-Something Club

  • October 21, 2017
  • By dteix
It’s Time To Redefine The 40-Something Club

You’re heard it before…”40 is the new 30″ and “50 is the new 40”, but why are we so reluctant to claim our true age??

Anyone with eyes, ears and a brain can recognize that the generations have changed. Sure, when our moms were 40 they may not have spend as much time thinking about green juice ingredients and how many calories they’re going to burn on an indoor cycling bike, but they were showing more skin and pushing for more responsibilities in the workplace, AND girl could they dance the night away. Majority of that  generation were starting families in their twenties which left them as empty-nesters at 40. Maybe this is where the idea started to brew that we don’t have to be old maids when we reached our 4th decade, it’s a perfect time to redefine ourselves. We are fully capable of new expectations and goals for this chapter in life, whether it’s starting a new job, getting that 20-something body back, creating a business, wearing bikinis, training for a muddy obstacle race, finally picking up tennis, dying our hair pink, joining political efforts, slipping into skinny jeans, and SO MUCH MORE.

We are ready to redefine how 40-something (and up) looks, sounds, moves, dances, thinks, loves, and exercises! These are just a few tips on how YOU can join the united effort to feel and look younger in your skin…

5 Daily Tips To Redefine The 40’s and Beyond:

Take care of your skin

This had to come first! How can we possibly feel good in our skin if our skin doesn’t feel it’s best. Ask any dermatologist and they would say if you only had money to buy one product it’s a moisturizer for face and body. Wrinkles will soften and crepe skin will disappear when you plump up your skin cells…you know the difference between a grape and a raisin?…WATER! So slather your dermis twice a day and your appearance will brighten and drop years.

Designate a “Truth Friend”-

It’s important at this point in life to have someone to check-in with…that person that will tell you if your skirt length shows your knee wrinkles, that the “freckles” on your arm is actually hyperpigmentation and you may want to see her dermatologist for the right cream, and especially the friend that doesn’t hesitate to tell you “gently” that you should listen more and interrupt less. It’s this hero that will encourage us to continue to look in the mirror and reassess when things just have to change…and thank God for her because change will keep us young!

Never apologize for confidence-

One of the things I love about this time in life is our gusto! We have experienced a lot of life by this point and we feel great about our accomplishments and we’ve realized we will survive the failures. This has morphed our confidence into a superhero that walks into a crowded room with her chin up and a catwalk stride….is there anything hotter than that?! You didn’t have that in your 20’s or 30’s, so own your years, every single one of them, they’ve made you a force to be reckoned with.

Live in daily gratitude-

You can be confident and grateful at the same time, confidence doesn’t mean you’re cocky, it means you know who you are and you are so thankful for those lessons…you are those lessons. Reflect daily on 3 moments that have lifted you up and provided you another opportunity to strengthen your body, mind and heart because “a growing self can never be old”.

Keep your body strong and healthy-

Your “temple” is the most important house you have. How you feed it, water it, strengthen it, stretch it and care for it will determine how it looks on the outside and feels from the inside. You only get one body so prioritize the time you put into workouts…they don’t have to be really tough but they do need to be consistent and at least slightly challenging to see continued effect. In addition, eat whole foods 90% of the time. Your meals and snacks should be cooked at home and not come from a package. The rule to a happy body is “Eat more plants and move more”. Really! It’s that simple! People will see a change in you once you adopt this program because your body will feel amazing and you will feel great!


These 5 simple tips are your cliff notes to being a part of the movement to redefine what the world can expect from the 40’s and beyond. It doesn’t take much…just your focus and determination because we all feel 25 on the inside….we can now show it on the outside. Let’s go sisters…never be ashamed of your true age again! You’re apart of the best club ever!

By dteix, October 21, 2017
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