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Start The 30 Day Challenge January 2 of 2016

  • December 30, 2015
  • By dteix
Start The 30 Day Challenge January 2 of 2016

30 Day Challenge

It doesn’t have to be New Years to start.

We are all feeling effects of the accumulation of holiday festivities. Our midriff is a bit softer, our energy has become sluggish, and our muscles are dissipating to nothingness. What do we expect when we head to the mall instead of the gym, or replace our 80 ounces of filtered water daily with who-knows-how-many ounces of bubbly, in addition to starting and ending the day with a handful of holiday cookies? It’s the toughest 6 weeks our bodies endure all year long. We put off and put off any willpower we have left. Why bother? I’ll just wait for January 2 (because January 1 is still considered a holiday, right?).

What diet will it be this time?

In the mean time, we scan the internet, looking for the diet that will thrust us into restrictions and promises. “Drop ten pounds in 10 days!? We didn’t make it past day 4 on that plan. Juice fasting!! Hmmm, on that diet I gained all the weight back and then some.”

It’s said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. The “same thing” here is undergoing plans, diets, or programs that are so different from how we eat in our day-to-day lives and then expecting to maintain the post-diet results, and we ultimately fail.

No diet will ever work.

Every time we start a diet and fail, we chip away at our self confidence. The confidence that we can make a goal, start the action plan, and stick with it. Every attempt we try to change and then don’t, gets us further and further from following through the next time.

This one IS the right one!

Do you know why? Because it’s not a diet. Once we realize that the lifestyle we are living, be it the annual holiday hiatus or the daily decision to choose a cheese danish over morning oatmeal, supports the undesirable physic or physical condition of these “temples” we walk around in, we will have a better understanding of the commitment. To put it simply, the choices you make support the body you have. Change your choices. Change the body. Go back to those old choices. Go back to the old body. Many people have an “ah-ha moment” after hearing that.

Your commitment to you is life long.

Keep Your Glow’s 30-Day Challenge is based on creating lifestyle habits that results in a body you feel amazing in. It’s not about restricting foods, it’s about switching the sources of foods. Naturally, when we eat foods that are nutritious, we eat fewer calories but gain a ton of energy. “Clean eating” is putting whole foods, foods that come in their natural form, on your plate and avoiding the processed stuff. It takes a few days to adjust to this new way of eating, so be patient, a slip up is not a failure. “Rome wasn’t build in a day”, right?

Knowledge is power.

The calendar provided offers workouts, recipes, healthy tips, information on setting goals, and more. The blog posts linked to the calendar will give you material necessary to make changes and good choices, like learning that you can control hormones so they don’t sabotage your results.

The Challenge goes live January 2, 2016!

There will be preparation material available before January 2, so return daily to the site and subscribe to receive future announcements, like the grocery shopping list and the clean eating recipe links. It’s going to be 30 days of change, that will turn into a lifetime of success.

Happy New Year!


By dteix, December 30, 2015
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